Mueller General Services

Mueller General Services is a small California company that manufactures multi-purpose furniture that allows you to conceal assets in plain sight (hence the website name of With so many companies that are offering these types “tactical” furniture, you might be asking why then, are we entering this crowded field?

The answer is twofold-

First of all, we believe our products are some of the best around! We use superior materials such as ¾ inch thick premium pine (not any type of plywood), premium paints and stains, kaizen foam inserts, and our beautiful custom inserts. Each unit is proudly assembled in the U.S.A and before any item ships from our store it must pass a thorough quality check process to ensure every unit meets our highest standards.

Secondly, and most importantly, this company was started as an answer to a question that has dogged me for some time.

How can we better support the first responders who give so much to our communities as well as to those causes we believe in at our core?

Our answer was to create this company and provide a quality product to the public with a significant portion of the net profits going to worthy causes that honor and support those brave first responders (as well as their families) who have been injured or have tragically fallen in the line of duty. Our support will also consist of donating to those organizations that continually fight for our Second Amendment rights. (Regarding our support of restoring and supporting our Second Amendment rights, people have joked that, being from California, we are operating behind enemy lines!)

Our commitment to these causes is woven into the fabric of this company. In fact, we have it written into our bylaws that no less than 50% of net profits will be donated to organizations that support and fight for our shared beliefs.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in purchasing our products. At Mueller General Services we stand behind our products because their success is vital to our continued contributions to support our core beliefs and values. Whether or not you decide our quality line of products is right for you I strongly encourage you to support your local first responders and veterans any way you can.

Mark Mueller
Owner / General Manager