Model 24


  • Black (Paint)
  • Dark Walnut (Stain)
  • Golden Oak (Stain)
  • Kona Brown (Paint)
  • True Black (Stain)
  • White (Paint)
  • Colonial
  • Emboss
  • Rope
  • Colonial
  • Emboss
  • Firefighter (+$30.00)
  • Law Enforcement (+$30.00)
  • None
  • Warrior (+$30.00)
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All of our furniture and accessory pieces begin with our experienced woodworkers selecting only that premium grade pine lumber that meets our specific requirements. All of our pieces are handmade to order and cut to exact specifications. This labor intensive process continues with assembly and stain or paint. After final assembly, it is passed through our quality control inspection process before it is released for shipment to you.

Exceptional form and functionality is what you get with each of our products! Our shelves come standard with a magnet locking system, base padding (added protection), motion sensor LED light bar, and Kaizen foam insert (top of the line foam that lets you customize your cutouts to variable depths). *Note that the foam insert and light bar come unattached to shelf allowing you to modify and affix to meet your individual needs.

Here are the details you need to know about our Model 24 shelf:


Outside Dimensions: 24 ½” wide X 11 ½” deep X 4 ½” high
Interior Dimensions (usable space): 14 ¼” wide X 6 ½” deep

Standard configuration

Standard Magnetic Locking Mechanism

  • Lock design relies on the pressure of the lock against the latch.
  • Comes with (1) Neodymium (rare earth) magnet disk with a countersunk hole to easily affix to any accessory for ultimate stealth. (measures 1 ¼” diameter)

Kaizen Foam Insert: 14 1/4″ (L) X 6 1/2″ (W) X 1 1/8″ (Depth)
Base Padding: 1/8” thick Neoprene padding

Light bar: Mini LED Motion Sensor Light; battery operated

  • AUTOMATIC SENSOR: It will turn on only when it is Dark and when motion is detected.
  • BATTERY OPERATED: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Optional Accessories

Gun Magnets (2):

  • Each magnet carries a 25lb load rating.
  • Easy to install – use screws (included) to attach the magnet(s) in your preferred location.
  • Magnet base is steel with a durable plastic coated surface to protect the finish of your firearm.

RFID Locking System:

  • RFID Digital Lock works on 125khz frequency.
  • Comes with 1 RFID key card and 2 RFID key fobs.
  • RFID card is pre-programmed as management card and Key fobs are pre-programmed as user cards.

Custom Padded Liner:

  • Add this unique, customized liner to your shelf!
  • Each liner is hand cut and pressed onto a padded liner. The completed liner is then glued into the base of your shelf creating a secured bond.

Black (Paint), Dark Walnut (Stain), Golden Oak (Stain), Kona Brown (Paint), True Black (Stain), White (Paint)


Colonial, Emboss, Rope

Base Molding

Colonial, Emboss

Custom Padding

None, Firefighter (+$30.00), Law Enforcement (+$30.00), Warrior (+$30.00)

Locking Mechanism

Standard Magnet, RFID Locking System (+$25.00)

Gun Mount Style

Kaizen Foam, Magnets (+$21.99)

Accessory Lighting

No, Yes

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